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Tips for Saving on Auto Repair

Most auto repairs are done to take care of standard items needing fixes simply because of wear. If your car needs major repairs, the bills can be outrageous. There are some things you can do to minimize the need for major repairs.

From Auto Repair to Olympics

Making the Winter Olympic team is not an easy task. It is also not cheap. Snowboarders who are at the top of their game often draw sponsorships that allow them to ‘work’ fulltime on their sport. There are other Olympians, however, who need to support themselves while training...

Auto Repair Shops Facing Technology Costs

As technology changes in the automotive world, it often makes life easier for the driver. North Jersey auto repair shops, however, are finding that it can be very costly to try to keep up with the latest technology.

Snowstorms Impact to Repair Shops May Not Show Until Spring

Often the assumption made is that auto repair shops always enjoy an increase in business following winter storms. The assumption is that potholes, ice and other winter driving hazards will bring in the business.

Business Wins Awards for their Auto Repair Websites

AutoInc Magazine’s “2013 Top 10 Automotive Repair Websites” recognized four sites built by the automotive website design and internet marking company, Autoshop Solutions. Autoshop Solutions is based out of Apex, North Carolina. This is the sixth year in a row that the company...

Auto Repair Shop’s Roof Collapses Under Snow

An auto repair shop in Poughkeepsie has been forced to close due to the recent snow storms. The shop suffered irreparable damage when heavy snow caused the roof to collapse.

Auto Repair Shops’ Growth Slows

Wintry weather across the United States may be increasing business for some independent auto repair shops. These shops saw slow growth during 2013 but auto sales were up.

Online Repair Estimating Tool

There is a new tool that consumers can use if they’re wondering about the cost of an auto repair. Often times car owners hesitate to look into minor repair costs, worried about the potential of increasing their insurance. Now there is an online app that is free and does not require...

Trusted NAPA Auto Care Centers: Aurora

NAPA Auto Care Centers are a recognized and trusted brand. Tune Tech Automotive in Aurora, Colorado is proud to be a local NAPA Auto Care Center.

Family Run Business Celebrates 50 Years

Robert Hullfish has owned his family-run auto repair business for 50 years. He bought the business when he was 23 years old. The previous owner let neighborhood kids hang out and fix their cars at the shop and Hullfish wanted to keep that feel for his business Bob’s Auto Service.

Not Uncommon for Mobile Mechanics to be Unlicensed

Consumer advocates are warning that many mobile auto repair services may be sending out unlicensed mechanics to do the work. Customers often turn to these type of repair services because of their convenience.

Auto Repair Fraud in Greenwich

Two men are facing charges for performing auto repairs without a license. The Greenwich Police arrested the men after they were found repairing a vehicle at the Riverside Commons shopping center.

Potholes Translate to Business for Repair Shops

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has declared a war against potholes. In the meantime, local auto repair shops are happy to offer repairs for those impacted negatively by the potholes.

Take the Time to Get Proper Estimates

When getting estimates for repairs on your vehicle, be sure to approach the process without rushing. Experts recommend that you get a minimum of two estimates. Four estimates are even better. This is particularly important when you’re dealing with more expensive repairs.

How Long is Too Long for Car Repair?

Some car repairs seem to take a long time, but how long is too long? A man from Little Rock believes his car has passed any and all reasonable limits. He has been waiting over 3 months to get his car back.

Openbay Shows Promising Growth

In late October 2013, Openbay launched its online service and mobile app for auto repair maintenance. Their service is set up to help consumers find a competitive quote for their auto repair needs.

Bill Could Set Standards for Auto Repair Shops

A bill is before the New Jersey state legislature that would have a big impact on the auto repair business.

Student Prepares for International Auto Repair Competition

Michael Mullen is a student at Cuesta College. He already is the type of mechanic that has friends bringing him cars to fix.

Classic Car Club Donates to Community College

Moses Lake Classic Car Club members have reached out again to the automotive students attending Big Bend Community College. For the third year in a row, the car club members have donated $1,500 to be used for purchasing performance tool kits for the students.

Auto Shop Charges Undercover Agent for Unnecessary Repairs

Fletcher’s Tire and Auto is paying a penalty of $28,000 because of claims that they charged for unnecessary air conditioning repairs.

State Bill A Potential Fix for Auto Repair Business

The Ohio State Senate is reviewing a bill that would require auto repair shops to register with the state in the same manner that collision repair shops register now. The bill was introduced last month.

Auto Repair Shop Helps Homeless Student

Main Auto Repair recently stepped up to help by donating services to a homeless teen.

Hyundai Beats Toyota in Low Cost Repair Rankings

Toyota has typically been the top of the list for cars that have good quality and dependability. However in the latest Vehicle Health Index which includes information on repair costs, Hyundai is now the brand that comes in with the lowest cost of maintaining and repairing.

Wheels of Hope

The auto repair shops in Fresno, California are working to get a “Wheels of Hope” car ready for its new owner. The program has been underway for 5 years. This year they are giving away their 7th car.

Trade a Toy for Auto Repair

Ice Cold Air Discount Auto Repair is keeping up their tradition of collecting toys for the Marines’ Toys for Tots program.

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