Resources for Repairing Your Classic Car

Even if you don’t like cars or just don’t care about them, you can’t ignore the appeal of classic cars. While modern vehicles are elegant in their own right, classic cars, like the 1968 cherry red Mustang convertible my dad used to own, are an integral part of the history of the automobile - and they’re not bad to look at, either. Despite the prevalence of top-of-the-line automobiles featuring all the latest and greatest gadgets and parts, many still prefer to drive around classic cars. But what happens if you need a repair?


Many people who drive around classic cars do so because they truly love them. As a result, you’re more likely to find someone well-versed in the assembly and repair of said cars, and thus those that own classic cars and need repairs will simply perform them on their own. Older vehicles contain older parts, which can often make repairing them much more difficult than their contemporary counterparts. In addition, many of the major parts, such as the engine and transmission, require far more in depth work and tools, many of which the average individual doesn’t have in his or her garage.

If you do intend on making repairs yourself, finding the right parts can be difficult. Original parts are often sought after due to the desire at keeping the car as it was when it was first manufactured, but this can be difficult. There are several options, however, to help you find the right parts. The first is a parts catalogue that specializes in original parts; this is the easiest method. The second is independent dealers and online classifieds, though you have to be careful that the parts you receive are in fact originals; and junkyards/U-Pull-It places. It may be difficult to find your EXACT part in a junkyard, but it can be a valuable resource if you’re not picky with the year or simply want to find non-essential parts, such as a hood ornament.

Finally, if you’re dead set on working on your car yourself, then you should do a search online for a detailed, in-depth guide that discusses how to repair most, if not all, of the possible problems you might encounter. If you can obtain your car’s original manual, you can reduce the risk of making any mistakes and thus prevent the possibility of any serious damage being done.

If you’re not familiar enough with the inner workings of your classic car, then you should seek out a qualified mechanic who has experience working with classic automobiles. You can typically do a  general search online to find one, but you should call around to see if they have direct experience working with your make and model. Research is always important, especially when it comes to something you cherish so dearly.

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Posted on June 21, 2012 at 8:53 AM