Finding Affordable Auto Repair

The need for auto repair typically comes at the worst time. For most people, this is in between paychecks or shortly after you just purchased that new home theater. You never have the money for car repairs when you need it, so finding affordable auto repair services and the best possible deals is necessary to keep your wallet from floating away.

Not all auto repair shops charge the same prices. They vary from store to store and, in most cases, will charge different prices based on the type of car that needs to be serviced. Before choosing an auto repair shop, you should call around and see what they charge for the specific service you require be performed on your car. Not only will this save you a headache and time, but you won’t be shocked when they tell you how much you really owe.

Another way to get cheap auto repair is through the use of coupons. Most national chain auto repair shops, as well as some independent and locally owned shops, offer coupons providing discounts for a variety of services. These services typically cover the more basic services, such as tire rotation, oil changes, and new tires. These coupons are typically found in mailers, which are usually delivered to people who have used the auto repair shop in question in the past.

Coupons and discounts can also be found online, typically on the website of the auto repair shop. These often require you to fill in your zip code to find city specific coupons, as well as printing out the coupons on your printer at home. In the end, however, these coupons only offer a minimal discount and after labor and taxes, you should still expect to spend a decent chunk of change.

Finally, your best bet at finding affordable auto repair is simply knowing someone who works in the business and is willing to help you out. Unfortunately, not everyone has contacts in the business, but if you do, you have a much greater chance of saving a decent amount of money on whatever auto repair services you need.

Posted on May 24, 2012 at 10:36 AM