14 Police Officers Remain Suspended Nearly Two Years After Kickback Scandal

14 officers from the Baltimore Police Department remain suspended nearly two years after investigations found out that they received kick back from a towing company, although they were not criminally charged. These officers still get their monthly pay checks but are not able to perform their duties. 

In February of 2011, 17 officers were charged when Majestic Auto Repair (a towing company and body repair shop), paid the police officer to bring business to them while they are on duty.

When the police department made their own investigations, they saw how big the problem was and sought the help of the FBI. The FBI developed the case against these officers.

Aside from the 17 federally charged officers, 11 more officers were suspended after they were found to be implicated in the kickbacks. Based on the court records and interviews with prosecutors, more than 50 officers were said to have been involved.

There are several of those who have “separated” from the police department.

Anthony W. Batss, the new Police Commissioner, had said that he wants more officers on the streets. The 14 officers currently suspended represent one shift of patrol officers.

He added that he would try to re-evaluate the efficiency of the process of the internal affairs.

James “Chips” Stewart, who chaired the Select Lounge panel, said, “The department has to uphold the standards and conduct of their police officers.”  He added that as the investigations get too long before being settled, “you’re shorting your own capacity to serve the public.”

The police are only waiting for the prosecutors’ advice on whether the 14 officers will be liable for criminal charges or not.

State Attorney Gregg Bernstein, said, “We are now investigating those remaining cases and will make charging decisions in the near future.”

Posted by Diane Araga, on December 7, 2012 at 9:00 AM