Auto Repair Fraud in Greenwich

Two men are facing charges for performing auto repairs without a license. The Greenwich Police arrested the men after they were found repairing a vehicle at the Riverside Commons shopping center.

The men, Jim Demitro of Portland ME and Tony Frank of New Haven, were arrested at approximately 12:30 PM on January 13th. They admitted to not having permits or a license to perform the repairs. The owner of the car being repaired was told that the two men worked for a car rental agency. This claim was not accurate.

Demitro and Frank each face charges of criminal attempt at second degree larceny, soliciting without a permit, performing auto repairs without a license, failing to provide an auto repair estimate, conspiracy to commit second degree larceny and providing a false statement for an auto repair.

The accused each posted a $1,000 bond to obtain their release. They are each required to appear in State Superior Court in Stamford.

Posted on January 28, 2014 at 10:00 AM