Auto Shop Charges Undercover Agent for Unnecessary Repairs

Fletcher’s Tire and Auto is paying a penalty of $28,000 because of claims that they charged for unnecessary air conditioning repairs. The company is based out of Phoenix, Arizona. A shop in Gilbert came under scrutiny after the levied these unnecessary charges to an undercover agent.

The undercover agent brought a car into the shop for some minor repairs back in the month of March. The charges for those repairs added up to $900 over what was necessary. Included in the repairs was an unneeded compressor.

Jerry Fletcher, owner of Fletcher’s Tire and Auto claims that the mechanic guilty of overcharging did not run the typical diagnostic tests on the vehicle in question. That employee has been fired. In response to the charges, Fletcher says that they are putting in further internal checks and balances to avoid these types of issues. They are planning to expand an existing secret shopper program to help maintain the appropriate standards at their 35 repair shops across the state.

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne says, “My office continues to conduct regular undercover auto repair ‘stings’ and this time Fletcher’s Auto took the bait. Our ongoing auto sting operations are designed to identify and deter repair shops that recommend and perform unnecessary repairs, with the end result of encouraging all repair shops to behave honestly.”

Posted on December 31, 2013 at 10:00 AM