Hyundai Beats Toyota in Low Cost Repair Rankings

Toyota has typically been the top of the list for cars that have good quality and dependability. However in the latest Vehicle Health Index which includes information on repair costs, Hyundai is now the brand that comes in with the lowest cost of maintaining and repairing.

General Motors came in third, followed by Chrysler. These brands were both ahead of Honda, another Japanese brand that typically scores well.

The Vehicle Health Index Manufacturer and Vehicle Ranking lets car shoppers have some idea of the what they might expect in terms of types and costs of repairs for most cars on the market today. They include information on both new and used cars.

GM and Chrysler each had big jumps from last year’s survey. GM moved from 8th place into 3rd. Chrysler moved from 10th place into 4th. The factor that may have bumped Hyundai into first place is their low frequency in terms of necessary repairs. Toyota, meanwhile, dropped in its reliability scores. Half of the top 10 brands dropped in their reliability scores as well.

Toyota’s Prius hybrids are some of the vehicles that came in with the highest average repair costs. This helped to lower Toyota’s ranking overall on the survey. On the other hand, for the third year in a row, the one vehicle that scored the best causing it to be named the most reliable vehicle for 2013 is the Toyota Camry.

Posted on December 19, 2013 at 10:00 AM