State Bill A Potential Fix for Auto Repair Business

The Ohio State Senate is reviewing a bill that would require auto repair shops to register with the state in the same manner that collision repair shops register now. The bill was introduced last month.

Ohio collision repair shops have had to register with the state since 1997. Since that time, additional types of auto repairs have been required to register including those that do window tinting.

The proposed bill is said to be pro-consumer while also considering shop input. Because consumers are generally holding onto their cars longer, it is important that they find a mechanic they can trust.

The provisions of the bill call for repair shops that perform more than 5 repairs per year to register. The cost for shops to register will be $200. The registration will be enforced and it intended to make sure that all shops are following the same set of standards.

Some shop owners see the bill as a way to insure that those people who are servicing cars have the proper training. They see the bill as a way to increase credibility among repair shops. Ron Meister, owner of Shaker Quality Auto Body in Cleveland hopes that the state might have even stricter rules including the requirement for certification of individual mechanics.

There are others who do not agree with the bill. There is some opposition to too much oversight by government agencies.

Overall, the hope is that the bill would ensure that all shops in the state would be following tax laws, safety regulations and EPA standards.

Posted on December 24, 2013 at 10:00 AM