Student Prepares for International Auto Repair Competition

Michael Mullen is a student at Cuesta College. He already is the type of mechanic that has friends bringing him cars to fix. His experience earned through the college’s SkillsUSA program is now getting him some international exposure.

 The 20 year old Mullen will compete in the WorldSkills international event in Sao Paulo, Brazil in August 2015. Mullen will be the only US competitor in automotive technology. He is the second student from the San Luis Obispo area to compete in the event.

Mullen’s Cuesta College division chair, John Stokes says “This is like the Olympics for this event. To get this far, a student has to put in an awful lot of work.”

The WorldSkills event is a non-profit competition that is designed to allow high school and college students to put their learning and skills in technical fields to the test. Mullen says he enjoys the problem solving involved, “You have to figure out what’s out of place and put it back together. You get satisfaction from figuring out what’s wrong and fixing it.”

The competition has big name sponsors including companies like Ford, Toyota, Mercedes and BMW. At times, participants in the competition even receive job offers. Mullen will have the opportunity to tour Brazil and spend time with other international students. He hopes to eventually pursue a degree in mechanical engineering at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.



Posted on January 7, 2014 at 10:00 AM