Take the Time to Get Proper Estimates

When getting estimates for repairs on your vehicle, be sure to approach the process without rushing. Experts recommend that you get a minimum of two estimates. Four estimates are even better. This is particularly important when you’re dealing with more expensive repairs.

In a recent example, a customer was shocked over an initial estimate of $1,160, so he sought out estimates from three highly rated auto repair shops in his area. He was amazed to find that each of their estimates came in lower by $400 to $500. In his experience, the business he chose earned his trust by walking him through each step of the repair and by providing him a good price on their estimate.

The right professional might be able to spot the subtle difference that will save you money. For example, one might replace a door handle, while another might recognize that the problem is coming from a spring in the handle, thereby saving you money by replacing only the faulty spring.

Make sure you’re asking for references from shops you are considering. Ask questions about the work that is to be done. Get a written estimate. When work is complete, make sure you will be provided with a detailed invoice. Check to see if employees are accredited. These are all steps you can take to make sure you are receiving the appropriate repairs at a fair cost.


Posted on January 21, 2014 at 10:00 AM